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Hello and welcome to HXH Wanderlust, an AU Hunter X Hunter RPG~! Please enjoy your stay and apply if you're interested~! ♥

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NAME // [Wanderlust] A Hunter's Journey
SERIES // Hunter X Hunter
CREATOR // jamiefawkes @ iConTemporary
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(3 Hunters | Journey With Me)

The End? [22 Apr 2007|01:10am]

Well, I think it's safe to say that this RP has died, unless it pulls a Monty Python-esque "I'm not dead; I'm getting better!" It's rather a shame that we didn't get further into the storyline than we did, but I take a great deal of responsibility for the lack of success of the RP; I'm not very sociable by nature and was worried even at the very beginning that I wouldn't be able to interact and be around to talk to often enough.

Nevertheless, what discussions and progress we did make I enjoyed and I'm grateful that some of you put up with me for so long. If by any chance there's someone who would like to continue with or revitalize the RP, I can provide user names and passwords for Killua's account and the NPC account, as well as transfer the community owner status. However, I'd highly suggest you also talk to jamiefawkes as she shares community maintainer status with myself.

Thank you and take care on all your future journeys,

~Armadei, original Wanderlust founder/moderator and Killua-mun

(Journey With Me)

Happy Holidays [24 Dec 2006|04:34pm]

I wish you all a Happy Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year's/any other winter holidays you celebrate. I myself will be going out of town for New Year's and will be playing catch-up on all communities in early January; I know I've not been around at all for the past month, but I do hope to put more work into the RP in January since I won't have classes to worry about.

(Journey With Me)

Notice of Absence [20 Nov 2006|03:48pm]

Just letting you all know that I won't be online much for the next two weeks or so; the end of the semester's coming and I've got two eight-page papers to write.

An early Happy Thanksgiving to those of you living in the US.

(3 Hunters | Journey With Me)

RP Start! [19 Sep 2006|09:29pm]

The first official RP thread has been posted over on the main community. At the moment, it's just Satotsu, Gon, and Killua, but if anyone else can come up with a good reason why their character would be in the vicinity, let me know and we can work it in.

There's also a background entry from Satotsu's point of view that details his initial discovery of the ruins that are going to be the location of most of our current plotline (the outline of which is here if you haven't seen it). At the bottom of the entry, there's a rather lengthy OOC note that I'd like all players to read. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns or if you want to discuss ideas for how your own character will fit into the plot, please leave a comment either here or on the initial entry.

Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy yourselves as we begin our journey.

Behind this cut is the full lyrics to Nightwish's song 'Wanderlust', which this community is named after and thus I thought should be posted.Collapse )

(5 Hunters | Journey With Me)

Moderator Post - Signs of a Beginning [Plot Start] [10 Sep 2006|11:18pm]

After conversing with co-mod jamiefawkes, we've decided to go ahead and start the RP. The rough outline of the current plot is here in case anyone hasn't seen it. As always, the plotline is open to adjustments, especially when it comes to how individual players want their characters to get involved in the plot.

There will be a week between this post and the first RP thread of the plot over on the main community (hxh_wanderlust) for players to have a chance to see this announcement and get back into the mindset of their respective characters.

I know that classes are now in session for at least some of us (and for those who aren't in school - and even some who are - there's still work), which tends to translate into a sudden decrease in free time. To quote Jamie-sama, 'online stuff < real life stuff', so don't sweat it if it takes you a few days or even a week between responses. Relax. This RP is meant to be fun, and not to add more stress to your life.

That said, it is important to stay caught up with threads. Once the plot begins and characters actually have something to comment on, I'd also like character journals to be updated regularly. Twice a week for checking threads and once every three weeks for updating character journals sounds like a reasonable time frame to me, but it's up for tweaking just like the rest of the RP and I fully expect the times to be adjusted as the RP progresses and we discover what works well and what doesn't. As always, suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Should you have questions, concerns, complaints, ideas for the plot, etcetera, feel free to email either myself or Jamie-sama or - if it's not a personal question - post it here on the OOC community.

(Journey With Me)

Moderator Post - Explanation of Absence [08 Sep 2006|11:54pm]

I'm sure it's been noticed that I have not posted here since leaving for vacation in Ohio at the beginning of August. A number of personal issues that I hadn't even realized had been building up the way they had over the past year or so finally caught up with me while I was in Ohio and I've spent most of the time since my return trying to piece my life back together. By all rights, I should have made a post here saying that I was dealing with some problems and wouldn't be online for the next few weeks instead of letting everyone think I was leaving them high and dry and I take full responsibility for not doing so. Rotten fruit will be provided freely to anyone who wishes to throw it.

I don't know how many of you are in school or college, but I know that classes will be starting soon (or have already started) and that it's very easy to get bogged down in coursework. What all this means for the RP, I'm not sure.

For everyone who has participated in this roleplay thus far, I thank you and offer my apologies for failing to be a good moderator and player during this past month.

(3 Hunters | Journey With Me)

I suck ass. ;_; [27 Aug 2006|09:15pm]

[ mood | guilty ]

I know that the RP hasn't even started yet, but I'm going to have to drop Bisuke. For the last few weeks, RPing anything has been frustrating and not fun, and even though I've tried to change how I felt, it just hasn't worked.

I'm so, so incredibly sorry for this, but I felt that not saying anything and not doing anything would have been worse to do. If this feeling ever passes, I'll probably re-app, but for now... It's good bye. :(

On top of that, I posted this to the wrong community at first. Way to go, me.

(1 Hunter | Journey With Me)

[05 Aug 2006|09:30pm]

[ mood | bored ]


Don't forget there's a practice log over HERE~ that you can participate in, so don't get bored and disappear on us now~! D=

Gon and Hisoka can have it out, Kaito and Bisuke are still gambling, and Illumi's off emo-ing in the corner, so feel free to poke him~! ♥

(1 Hunter | Journey With Me)

I should mention... [01 Aug 2006|07:12pm]

These days I'm really, really busy with work and having an acutal life, so if possible let me know when the RPG starts that way I can join in as Gon. ^^ I don't really have too much time to check everything on LJ everyday and don't want to disappoint. ^^;;;

Just drop me a line through email or IM. I'm usually signed on, but not always there...at least that way I still get the message. Thanks~ ^^;;

(2 Hunters | Journey With Me)

Vacation Notice [30 Jul 2006|07:24pm]

I'll be leaving on vacation this coming Tuesday, 1 August and will be gone until Sunday, 13 August. The place where I'll be staying only has dial-up access, so I most likely won't be on MSN, but I'll still be checking my email and keeping an eye on the communities.

We're hoping to start the actual plot RP threads sometime in August, most likely around the time I get back.

(Journey With Me)

Canon Starting Point Decided! [28 Jul 2006|12:26am]

We will be picking up from chapter 185 of the manga, which is basically the end of Greed Island, but unlike the anime version, it's confirmed that the man Gon and Killua meet is in fact Kaito and not Ging. (However, we will be ignoring the very end of chapter 185 as it foreshadows the Chimera Ants, who we will not be using.)

To sum it up, anything before NGL arc is fair game and there are no characters to reintroduce. [Yay!]

If anyone has any problems with this, please let us know. We can also direct you to scanlations/episodes if you need them.

(8 Hunters | Journey With Me)

Plot Summary Beta! [27 Jul 2006|12:01am]
[ mood | productive ]

Okay folks! Danchou and I have been plotting, and with the help of laronmi for the great base idea that we've built off of, and sage_3 for helping along the way, I present to you, Plot Summary: BETA!!

Have a read over it and let us know what you think, and if you think anything needs to be added on/taken out et cetera, comment and let us know~! Yes, I'm also one of those annoying people that methodically bold and italicize words in summaries. So this is pretty much the finalization of the plot. ♥♥ Enjoy!!

Plot Summary: BETACollapse )

(9 Hunters | Journey With Me)

[24 Jul 2006|07:59pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Kay, so there's a pretty layout on the OOC community and not on the main community. Please, don't ask. I have no idea why it won't work ;_______________;

Still trying to fix it but ENJOY THE SIGHT~! ♥♥

Like it? Hate it? Lemme know~

EDIT: OMG IT'S FIXED. AND I FEEL UTTERLY DEFEATED BY SMERT. DDDDDDX You know what the problem was? The main community didn't have a website link!! DDDX So I gave it one and NOW THE LAYOUT WORKS WTF?! Aaaahhhh life. :') You're utterly complex and I will never try and figure you out again, I promise.

(5 Hunters | Journey With Me)

Canon and Plotline Discussion [23 Jul 2006|11:55pm]

Now that we have a decent number of players (thank you jamiefawkes, sage_3, laronmi, and sparda219!), it's about time to start discussing what our RP will be about.

The first question that needs to be addressed is how much canon information should be available in the RP. In the original interest post on hunterxhunter, I had a comment from someone who was interested in participating but was worried that the fact that they had only watched up to York Shin would hinder them. After reading this, I thought it best to limit canon to pre-Greed Island in an attempt to attract more players.

However, there are several problems with not having any knowledge post-York Shin -- Gon and Killua don't develop their hatsu or meet Bisuke until Greed Island, Kaito's hatsu isn't revealed until NGL, and so on. laronmi, jamiefawkes, and myself have all discussed this and we've come up with two main possibilities for dealing with canon. First, try and estimate where everyone would be in character development/nen power at the end of York Shin, re-introduce newer characters, and create an AU from there. Or second, ditch the idea of canon limitations; this can apply either to GI or both GI and NGL.

My current view on this is that if everyone currently involved has seen or read GI, there's no longer a reason to exlude it from the RP. As for NGL, it can either be accepted with GI, ignored, or (as suggested by laronmi) used solely as reference for useful tidbits of information [like Kaito's hatsu].

I'd like everyone to start out with the same knowledge of canon, so input on this issue is very important. In addition, it might affect certain choices in characterization depending on which arc we decide to pick up from.

* * *

The second question to be addressed is, naturally, what we want to do plot-wise.

Our wonderful co-moderator jamiefawkes has opened a RP thread on the main community that will hopefully give players a chance to start interacting and adjust to the style of the RP. Please participate, but be aware that nothing in the thread will count toward the story line; think of it more as a laid-back practise run. ^^

The majority of the ideas for plotline thus far have been graciously suggested by laronmi [thank you very much!]. Quoting directly from the email she sent me, "Ging is known for finding ruins and preserving archaeological artifacts. What if a giant ruin of an ancient civilization was discovered by Ging and/or a small group of scientists? News would spread, Hunters would arrive, and Gon could hear about how Ging was digging in the ruins, thus leading him to travel there and look for him. It's quite simple for the other characters to end up there as well. Killua will always follow Gon, the Genei Ryodan could be looking for treasures, Kurapika would follow the trail of the Genei Ryodan (Possibly working out some issues with the Nostrads. It would not be too far fetched for this civilization to have mummies. In that case, Neon would probably take an interest as well, allowing Kurapika to go.). Bisuke loves gems; it would be easy for her to get involved. Leorio could head out as part of on-the-spot learning and training. Illumi could head over for a job to kill thieves or whatnot. Hisoka...does his own thing. The interest in the ruins could potentially pull a lot of Hunters towards it."

A ruin adventure sounds good to me, but if there are any other ideas out there, please suggest away! Thank you~!

(jamiefawkes and I also think it'd be enjoyable to have some unique animals around, like the Kiriko [those fox-like magical beasts with wings who were the navigators in the Hunter Exam] or the lizard-like multi-breasted creatures that Ging was pictured with in chapter 66 of the manga. Yes.)

(4 Hunters | Journey With Me)

Console Code Goodness!! [19 Jul 2006|05:59pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Okay folks, here's the Console Code I promised~!! There's a quick rundown for those of you that aren't familiar with the whole deal. You make sure you're logged into the character journal you need to friend everyone with, then copy & paste the mumble jumble under the LJ-cut here, and then go to this link and paste it all in the command box, then hit "Execute".

Last Updated: August 1st, 2006 You should have 08 friends, including yourself! ♥

Console Codes~!Collapse )

Any further questions? Leave a comment!

Did I forget your character's journal? Leave a comment!!! ♥

(Journey With Me)

Welcome Post!! [19 Jul 2006|05:49pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello and welcome to the OOC community for hxh_wanderlust~! No fancy layout resides here at the moment, because I haven't made one yet. =\ But as soon as I sort out the layout for the main community, I'll be putting it up here as well.

Anyhoo, this community is solely for discussing plot points with the other players, getting in touch with other players for a group chat or possibly a log, or just plain silliness having to do with the RPG. If you have any announcements [Your great-great grandmother died and you have to attend her funeral for a week because you have some crazy religion that calls for seven whole days of mourning or something] let us know so we don't boot you~! Posts like those would be put here, so that way everyone's aware of it and just not the mods. Of course, you don't have to tell everyone the details; you could just say a family matter needs your attention so you'll be on a minor hiatus, et cetera.

Shortly after this thread, I'll also be writing up a Console Code so you can friend everyone at once immediately, instead of going through every single journal and whatnot. Very very handy~! Especially if we get more players~! ♥♥

For those of you who are already members, feel free to apply for more characters, and pimp, pimp, pimp~! ♥♥ We need all the attention we can get!! 83 Weeeeell I think that's about it~! So enjoy, have fun, and we hope you stay around forevar~! ♥

[Oh yeah. If you ever have any fanart or fics, feel free to post them here as well~! Especially if they have to do with the RP. Those are always what make RPGs fun~! ♥♥]

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